Transformational Daily Living

Class                                            Workshop

Every single day is an exercise in choice and intentionality. These choices inform our experiences on the journey of living from moment to moment. Learn what choosing the present, choosing love and choosing to become intentionally open can do to add fullness to your daily pilgrimage and experience of living with spiritual​ly​ aware. 

We are all on a journey of living and on this journey we make choices that inform our experiences from moment to moment. Throughout this workshop you will discover spiritual and behavioral practices that will open your heart and mind to an intentional way of living that brings about joy and growth in all of life's precarious moments. Learn transformational techniques through journaling, meditation, contemplation, intention, prayer and self-care that will expand your mind to a new awareness of the wholeness available to you in every single moment in your journey of life. Make each step on this path count toward a life-time of growth, ever venturing further onward into a practice of intentionality, fullness, self-awareness and love that will pour out onto all you meet along the way.