• Claire Tomkinson


I see it. It's strong and centered. In the middle of everything. Watching, listening, beaming shape and color, constantly part of it all, yet, somehow, chronically ignored. The totem stands perched on the edge of life itself, busyness dancing around it. So familiar is it's presence most haven't looked at it in years. However, if you take notice you'll be stunned into a silent awe. For the face that will peer back at you will be as extraordinary as divinity. How did you forget to look this close? When did the sparkle from the layering synchronicities stop catching your eye? For this majestic being has been there all along, guiding, speaking, breathing with the utter fullness of love.

Exploring Totem is a reflection on living fully present to who you are. Just like the swarming bustle of our daily lives, our minds are filled with constant chatter. As effortlessly and automatic as our heart beats, our minds think, and think, and think...until we believe we are those thoughts themselves. However, behind those thoughts, observing them, listening to them, surrounded and engulfed by them, is you. You are the awareness immersed in your mind's constant clatter. You stand witness to your own infernal movements of behavior, reaction, emotion, and thought.

A force of light, energy, and presence is who you are.

And if in this quiet, this stillness, you can compassionately acknowledge your head's formidable thoughts until it needs nothing more to say, you might be surprised to find that you are certainly at peace right where you are. A totem to life itself.

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