• Claire Tomkinson

Just Change

I have said it as often as I have heard it spat from disappointed snarls around me, "People don't change." But the truth is that I don't believe this statement. People do change, they simply don't intentionally choose to change very often. Change is offered as a solution to the gamut of life's problems. And those recommendations are often the reason why so many of us have decide not to change. The changes I've been prescribed over the years to produce notable difference in my life have seemed earth-shaking, and vastly divergent from my established norm. Of course, even if the fruit promises to be remarkably good, the leap seems impossibly far. So when it comes to making fundamentally transformative changes to improve my life, the task can become extreme. And even when I am brave enough to attempt it, I quickly learn that life cannot be operative, for long, in extremes.

It's for this reason my hope lives amongst the tiny alternations in my daily routine. The moment to moment choices to just be different one small decision at a time. And it is time that creates space for lasting change. With each miniscule response that is different from the identified norm of my established nature, there begins a subtle layering of choices that are fundamentally contrasting from what once was. These differences will leak into other areas of my life, thinking, and most importantly behaving, until in time, they become simply what is.

People do change. Everyday the subtle changes of age mark our skin and stretch our bodies and minds. Just like each silent stem reaches towards light, change is constantly in motion within and around us. However, change doesn't have to hurt to last. Even the gentlest flow of water over a stone is reshaping it's surface. Lasting change is small and transcends spirit. It builds up from a series of minute decisions to simply be different moment, to moment, to moment... mimicking the same steady perseverance of one's own heartbeat.

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