Becoming Love by Loving Who You ARe


Class or Workshop

Self love comes in a variety of forms and most people encounter only very few of them on a daily basis. In our culture today, we are not often encouraged to give our whole beings what we need when we need it. Cultivating a daily practice of self love will fill you to overflowing. You will not operate out of a deficit of energy or love, but you will organically pour out joy into the lives around you because you will have taken the time to allow your life to be poured into. Allowing space, time, and the intentional practice of self love into your daily motions will ensure that you will live a fuller, richer life of wholeness. This wholeness will be present to all that you meet and truly, you will become transformed. It only take a few simple steps at awareness to know the great joy that awaits you as you learn to love the person who you are most closely called to love- you. Discover new practices that will continue to guide you into a space of true self-love that you can keep all your life long.