Faith & Sexuality

Loving fully by Knowing fully

Class or Workshop

This specially designed course teaches the biology of sexuality and reproduction from the context of our place in this lovingly made creation that is ultimately good. This course provides children and youth with scientific fact wrapped in a premise of worthiness and self-love. It teaches open communication between growing teens and their parents or caregivers while fostering respect for oneself and others during this critical time in human development. Topics surrounding puberty, reproduction, intercourse, social issues (safe internet use, pornography, bullying, homosexuality, and prostitution), STDs/STIs, and brain development will be covered in this class (unless otherwise discussed).


Faith and Sexuality can be taught in two parts.


Part 1: 5th grade (or 3-4th) will cover sex vs. gender, puberty, reproduction, intercourse, bullying, social basics (defining new words) 


Part 2: 8th grade (Middle School) covering topics in attachment, sexuality as part of your whole being, pornography, self-worth, brain development (healthy decision making) and open communication with parents/caregivers.


When it comes to sexuality, giving youth factual information in a context of love and hope will enable them to make better decisions and regard this season of growth and development with respect and grace as they move into adulthood. When it comes to sex say "know."