One of Six books in the Queen Girls Books collection dedicated to writing fairy tale stories about real women from history to inspire all children, and especially young girls, to dream big and do more. This is the story of Frida Kahlo, a women who was determined to live a life of vibrancy and adventure in spite of her chronic health problems. She is one of the world's most revered and iconic artists to this day. Queen Girls Publications has told the stories of five more inspiring women through the voices of real women from our community. 


What to Expect in a Spiritual Direction Session


Spiritual Direction Sessions will last for one hour and will begin with the Director asking the Directee if they would like to open in prayer or silence. The Directee can begin speaking when they believe they are ready or have something on their minds. The Directee does not have to come with any prepared ideas or topics, just an openness to the Divine at work in their lives and in this sacred space right now. The director will listen and may ask questions to provide space for the Directee to dive even more deeply into the ideas and thoughts that well up from within. The Director will labor alongside the Directee as they listen and discern the revelations of the Holy One together in the presence of the Divine.