Claire Tomkinson is truly gifted in making the Labyrinth experience meaningful. I enjoyed two five or six-week series with her—found her very creative, using different approaches in guiding us to experience our “journeys” more deeply.

-Mary Lou Buck




When we approached Claire about commissioning a painting for our daughter's birthday, we decided with Claire that Kate should have input into the work. We are so glad that we did. The painting was not only spectacular, it felt to all of us like it was made with love just for Kate. What a gift!

-Todd Capitano





Got your painting today and it is so beautiful, even more so in person!

- Christina




Oh my! I love it more in person than online. It is perfect. Exactly what I've been looking for all of these years. Thank you--from the bottom of my heart!






How very special my time with Claire has been. She is extraordinary and a gifted spiritual leader.






Going to Painting Prayers that Saturday afternoon was one of the best decisions I had made in a long time. I loved painting and I thought it would be fun to go to, but I got so much more out of it than I thought I would! I was told to not worry about how it would look and to just be in that space. And so as soon as I went to work, I knew that I was going to make an incredible piece of artwork. I'm usually bad about wanting my artwork to be perfect but when I was in that space, I wasn't worried about that at all. And when I was finished, I was very happy with the way it turned out. And in that space, I felt the presence of God watching me as I did my thing, and i knew in that moment, I had bonded with him. And it also taught me that there are many different ways you can pray. Also, Claire was so amazing and welcoming and I felt very happy and calm in that space. I encourage everyone to try out one of her workshops! I guarantee it is one of the best decisions you will ever make!

-Alexandra Wright



I got my BEAUTIFUL painting!!! Thank you and thank you for the very special prayer!! What a blessing you have grown up to be!




The Self Worth Workshop taught me a lot. It wasn't what I expected. I expected it to be the same self-worth talk girls get but Claire used a bible verse that a lot of people use but don't fully understand to explain to us what self-worth truly was. And after that day, I have treated others around me, and myself, like I would want to be treated. It has changed the way I thought forever.

-Alexandra Wright




Claire, I LOVE your painting and am excited to give it to my wife for mother's day. What I love as much as the artwork is the idea that it is a prayer for our state. I've really struggled with the decisions our elected folks are making and am asking myself what can be done. When I saw your artwork posted, I was reminded of the most important thing I can do- pray about it. That is what your artwork will always remind me as we have it in our home- the importance and power of prayer, even when it seems there is little else I can do in a situation.





On behalf of the Kent Academy students, thank you so much for teaching us the Faith and Sexuality Class. It was very informative and helpful. It will help us live happier lives in the long run. Your openness and honesty helped us to understand the topic of sex. We liked how you were open and did not judge us when we asked questions. It was good because we could be honest about what we did and didn't understand. It was very educational and we were comfortable in the environment you created. The class was more educational because you showed pictures and diagrams of the human anatomy. It was very helpful to learn all of this so when we go out into the world we won't feel awkward discussing the topic. Thank you again for helping us to understand the topic more and help us live happier lives in the end. 

-Kent Academy Middle and High School 










Claire is a gifted writer who provokes meaningful and real discussion among her readers. This summer, Claire wrote a devotional curriculum for middle and high school students to use while in Charlotte on week-long mission trips through CROSS Missions at Myers Park Presbyterian Church. The curriculum follows the story of Lazarus from John 11, the theme story of the 2016 CROSS City Serve program. The structure of each devotion is intentionally crafted: each daily devotion has a theme and starts with a prayer and opening questions before diving into scripture. The curriculum uses the story of Lazarus to address the nature of God, Jesus's compassion and love for his friends, and how God grieves with us in a broken world, all of which seem so relevant to what's going on all over the world today. Youth leaders have found Claire's written wisdom to be effective in guiding and learning alongside their youth this summer, and it has helped me as a CROSS staff member better connect to our summer program's theme story. I am grateful to Claire for sharing her evident gifts of writing and engaging both youth and adults in discussion and reflection together!
-Laura Grier, Assistant Director of CROSS Missions
I am not an artist myself, so I am sure I don't use the proper or most sophisticated terminology when describing a work of art. But, when I first saw Claire's work pop up on my Facebook newsfeed, I had an instant reaction to it. The colors, the beautiful tree branches and golden leaves spreading across the canvas immediately made me feel peaceful. I've always loved images of trees and leaves and she captured something with her work I had not seen or, more importantly, felt before. I messaged her and asked about a few pieces and settled on the one that was available and in my price range. When I received it, it was even more beautiful in person than I could have imagined. Claire's handwritten note about the painting and the prayer/wish it represented was equally beautiful. Thank you for brightening my spirit and my walls!
-Jenny Taylor

-Decatur Presbyterian Youth